Thursday 28 March 2013

Repeated words

Helena mentioned that I use "ache" and "stare", so I thought I'd check on word frequencies -

  • Pronouns: you 82; I 49; he 38; she 35; we 34; they 29
  • Quantities: not/no/nothing 45; never 7; only 18; all 18
  • Sky: night 13; star 4; sky 4; moon 6; horizon 3
  • Vision: look 12; see 11; watch* 9; eyes 8; stare 5
  • Misc: first 11; still 10; fall* 9; old 7; love 7; bridge 6; touch 6; time 6; blue 6; poetry 3; ache/aching 2

I hadn't noticed that "you" was so much more common than "I". No other surprizes. Below are my aches and stares. Colours too, because they loom large.


The dustless silence is aching
to mean more
as waterlily-buds ache inches clear
of fixing fluids before opening
(In the soul’s darkroom)

"ache" seems more to do with desire than pain.


Don’t stare
because she’s beautiful
Don’t touch,
and the incubator dials will start moving
(Love at first sight)
the hurt stares of old anglers
Stare, and slowly pale visions will appear
(In the soul’s darkroom)
A merchant and his wife on the riverbank stare out at us.
I can see the legless man’s still staring through the gate
As his eyes half open they’re staring
straight at me
(Action at a distance)

Yep, there's quite a lot of staring, not all of it accusatory.


sunlight’s momentum
dragging colour from stained glass
onto marble;
Nile crocodiles are colourblind, they can’t see blue
Cities aren’t grown villages or underground maps
that lose their colours in the night
(Misreading the Signs)
their eyes the colour of your footprints.

Colour seems to be a detachable property. My favourite colour's blue.

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